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Our Mission

To give back to the people
have lost their homes and communities,
to help restore
faith in God and country.

President of Universal Construction International Bahamas, Roosevelt Rocha has named Tony Misuraca the Director of Operations for the sole purpose of rebuilding the Bahamas Islands consisting of Marsh Harbour and Abaco Island. Devastated by Catgory 5 Hurricane Dorian Sept 2, 2019. Roosevelt an immigrant from Brazil himself, has built his American based company and works in the commercial and residential sectors of South Florida. He and his team saw the vision of clean up and rebuild as real possibility and passed duties over to Misuraca to rebuild the hurricane-ravaged islands of the upper Bahama Islands and was moved by the pictures he saw on local TV.

Reaching out to local government and the people of the Marsh Harbour and Abaco Islands immediately after the storm passed he has come up with a plan. Misuraca leased a private helicopter and teamed with WSVN journalist Nicole Lansalata and went to see the devastation for himself. Tony says, “I mean, I started to make a list of possible sponsors and partnerships that would jump in boots on the ground.” He goes on to say, “It’s been an unbelievable undertaking for myself and my team. We immediately created meeting with officials, banks, parliament leaders from the hardest hit islands of Marsh Harbor, Abaco and the outlying islands.” Tony and WSVN toured the islands with local Bahamians. “I have been praying for the lost souls of hurricane Dorian and the refugees ever since.” Tony and his U.S. based team have come up with a comprehensive clean up and rebuild plan and after presenting this to the Bahamian local government and the officials of Marsh Harbor and Abaco he has been given rights to clean up and build new homes for the Bahamian people for the next 3 years as the exclusive contractor and builder of the Bahama Islands.

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“We Believe in Total Transparency”

With vision of total transparency for our investors and sponsors to view working operations daily and to see the progress of the clean up and rebuilding of homes for the Bahamian people, Universal International Bahamas will be installing cameras, go pros and drones around the island worksites. Posting daily operations and project updates on our heavily trafficked Social Media outlets and website. Creating an instant connection to the families and communities that are being rebuilt. Working to re establish faith and love of country for those who have lost their homes, churches, schools, and treasured memories of Bahama life as we all knew it

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To give back to the people who
have lost their homes and communities,
to help restore faith in God and country.

"Our Partners"

With strong commercial and sponsor ties and connections in the U.S. commercial and residential building community, Tony has connected with national brands such as: Polyglass, Camping World, The Home Depot, United Rentals and Planned Growth. 

Sustainable companies coming on board such as water filtration, solar powering of the proposed track homes, and lighting sources, air conditioning are all in meeting phases as Universal Bahama International gathers it’s resources to head over for clean up efforts.

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“Clean Up Begins In Coming Weeks”

For more than six weeks, little has changed in Marsh Harbour. Homes that were leveled by the storm remain as they were, and personal items, such as clothes and furniture, that were pushed by the storm surge have not been cleaned up or collected.

The constant message and mission of Universal Construction International Bahamas comes from that first fly over with WSVN. Tony’s thoughts and observations fueling the mission,

“I’m just wondering how many people are in there,” he said. “Where are these people?”

There are an estimated 1,300 people still missing or presumed dead in the Bahamas. Misuraca told members of his staff that they may end up finding some of the people, and many staff members said they could not handle that. Watch the in depth coverage with Tony and local Marsh Harbour resident Willie Odeus as they were brought together after the storm.